Removing Page Break Preview from all spreadsheets

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Subject: Removing Page Break Preview from all spreadsheets
Posted by:  Rozonus
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006

Hi all...
(This problem suddenly, randomly started happening to a customers laptop
after they came back from a business trip abroad)
I have been having trouble with Page Break Preview for a while now on a
customers laptop. Alot of the customers Excel work is taking a long time to
open and close, and takes longer to respond again if data is changed or saved.

Well, I finally found out that these spreadsheets all had Page Break Preview
turned on. Excel must have a crazy bug with the printer drivers, because it
appears to be causing the page breaks ages to re-calculate the preview if
something is changed (apparently it relies on the printer drivers to display
the preview, according to a google search). If I turn Page Break Preview off,
the spreadsheets become fine again.

Anyhoo, there are alot of Excel files with Page Break Preview turned on, and
many of these have multiple sheets with it on too. To make any of these easy
to use again, I have to open it, set it to Normal, save it, close it and open
it again. Every time I do this, I have to wait while it pauses between each
step.  It would take me (or my customer) ages to go through every spreadsheet
and change the view to normal.

Is there a way I can set Excel to open every spreadsheet in Normal view? I
know this doesn't fix the random problem why Page Break Preview suddenly made
all the sheets slow, but it is a start.

Any help is greatly appreciated.