Extracting source data that I want

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Subject: Extracting source data that I want
Posted by:  Chris435435 (Chris435435.2a67gz_1151595902.0345@excelforum-nospam.com)
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006

I wanted to know whether it is possible to extract certain information
from one excel worksheet to another excel worksheet.  I only want
certain columns and I can't figure out how to get them.  For instance,
there is a column that represents the regions (denoted by r) of the
United States.  There are 9 values that r can take on (Census
Divisions).  I want to extract all the data that I need from each of
these regions and put them into separate worksheets.

That is, I'd like to have one .xls file with 10 sheets (Source Data and
then the regional data all extracted from the source data).

I'm using Excel 97... I'd like to upgrade but it seems that there are
protections on this computer.  I've considered treating the source data
as a separate .xls file.  I was trying to figure out how I can retrieve
the information I wanted if I imported data and it seems that I need a
query.  I tried this method, but I don't have Microsoft Query

Anyways, I'd appreciate any help on this.

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