3 ?s. RE: Drop downs and comments

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Subject: 3 ?s. RE: Drop downs and comments
Posted by:  Wayne Knazek
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006

What a group!  Thanks for all your previous help!

1). Can I change/edit appearance of text in drop downs?  Size in particular.
Color and bold would be nice as well.  I have numerous drop downs in my
workbook.  Unless the size of the sheet is 100% or larger, the text in the
menu drop down is very small.  Our sheets are best sized at 60% to 75%.

2). I have a workbook with about 50 tabs.  All indexed.  And all the sheets
are populated with data from 1 of 4 master sheets. (In same workbook)  Data
is input from another computer program running on a machine in the shop, into
1 of the 4 sheets.

If I insert a row on a master sheet, the rest of the workbook is "out of
sinc".  Example: If I insert a row above row 16, on the master form sheet,
all is well.  BUT . . . when I go to other sheets, the formulae in all the
rows below 15 are all "off".  Row 15 is fine.  Row 16 has become 17.  17
becomes 18.  Etc.  As in . . .

A15 of sheet 2 might be . . .  ='2000-Master Sheet 1'!A15  And all other
rows for column A would be the appropriate formula.  But then, from there
down . . .

A16 should reference '2000-Master Sheet 1'!A16 from sheet 1.  But it now
reads =''2000-Master Sheet 1'!A17  There is no row 16.  17 reads 18, etc.
And it's that way on all of the sheets.

SO . . . I either need to know how to fix this, or . . .

If someone tries to insert a row, I need a warning prompt to come up.  A
comment box.  Bells and whistles, etc.  Saying NOT to insert rows yadda yadda.

Can I associate a comment box (or whatever) with a regular Excel menu
function like "insert Row"?  Ideally, I'd like to have "insert row" unabled,
with a prompt/warning letting operators know they can't insert rows.  Or can
columns be "locked" so no one can insert a new row?  (Ditto for inserting

3). I'm trying to figure out how to "protect???" certain columns.  I don't
want anyone fooling around with the columns that contain formulae.  And there
are a ton of them.

Actually, there are only maybe 5 to 7 colums out of 50, on only 4 sheets out
of 50  that they should be allowed to use for manually inputting data or text.

I know this is a bit long.  If you'd like to maybe answer just one or two
?s, and "pass it on", that'd be great!

Thanks again!  Wayne