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Subject: Re: Excel writes a formula on it's own - ??
Posted by:  Niek Otten (nicola…
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007

Uncheck Tools>Options>Edit tab, "Extend data range formats and formulas"

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"slreilly" <slreil…> wrote in message news:A2C23DB7-6801-4DF3-811A-BC51439305…
| Help!  I have a cell that has no formula - formatted as text. But as soon as
| I type a word into a second text formatted cell that first one autofills with
| a formula that makes it equal to the second one.
| i.e. if I type "test" into cell A12, then cell R12 automatically writes the
| formula =$A12
| And it's only on certain cells, not the whole sheet. I have no formula in
| either cell.  It's like conditional formatting only with formulas.
| I've tried copying a non-wonky cell & pasting it over the afflicted one.
| This works while the sheet is open, but as soon as I close & reopen it, it's
| back. What would cause this to happen? the cells in reference are
| DataValidation cells, but otherwise I have no code or macros associated with
| this sheet.


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