RE: Excel writes a formula on it's own - ??

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Subject: RE: Excel writes a formula on it's own - ??
Posted by:  challa prabhu
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007


Click the sqaure on the top left corner next to Column A1 to select the
worksheet cells or you can press the CTRL key and click on each Worksheet tab
to group the selected worksheet. Then do the following:

1. On the  Format menu, click Cells.
The Format Cells dialof box is displayed.
2. Click the Number tab.
3. Under the Category list, slect General.
4. Click Ok to apply the settings and return to the Workshet.

Note: Right-click the Worksheet tab and select Ungroup Sheets to deselect
the Worksheet tab.

Challa Prabhu

"slreilly" wrote:

> Help!  I have a cell that has no formula - formatted as text. But as soon as
> I type a word into a second text formatted cell that first one autofills with
> a formula that makes it equal to the second one.
> i.e. if I type "test" into cell A12, then cell R12 automatically writes the
> formula =$A12
> And it's only on certain cells, not the whole sheet. I have no formula in
> either cell.  It's like conditional formatting only with formulas.
> I've tried copying a non-wonky cell & pasting it over the afflicted one.
> This works while the sheet is open, but as soon as I close & reopen it, it's
> back. What would cause this to happen? the cells in reference are
> DataValidation cells, but otherwise I have no code or macros associated with
> this sheet.



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Excel writes a formula on it's own - ?? posted by slreilly on Wed, 1 Aug 2007