Resorting Deleted Menu/Toolbar

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Subject: Resorting Deleted Menu/Toolbar
Posted by:  Fester Bestertester (whatmewor…
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007

XP SP2, Office 2K3 Pro SP2, Adobe Acrobat Pro 6.0.1:

Okay, like a dope, I deleted the PDFMaker 6.0 Toolbar from Excel (View |
Toolbars | Customize | Toolbars | PDFMaker 6.0 | Delete) because I was
tired of having it there every time I opened a session, and merely
unchecking it didn't seem to work.

Now, of course, I am unable to restore the toolbar and Acrobat is unable
to convert any .xls files to .pdf, even though I've uninstalled and
re-installed Acrobat.

Is there a way to fix this that does not require uninstalling and
reinstalling Office 2K3?

And yes I've already crossposted to just in case
everybody here decides to punt.