Need a count formula

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Subject: Need a count formula
Posted by:  Danni2004
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2007

I am trying to figure out how to get subtotal counts of stores by region with
the following data:
-10000+ rows of data
-each row has a cell indicating what region it is in (any one of 8 regions)
and a cell indicating what the store number is (any one of 575 stores) so
there are numerous lines for each region and each store.
-I added an add'l column that displays the store number in a cell on each
row only if the line meets a certain criteria (using IF statement) so some of
these cells in the new column have a value and some don't.
Table Example:
    A    B    C    D
    EC  Reg  Str  StrIF
1  21  3    153
2  30  6    327  327
3  34  8    519  519
4  18  6    361
5  31  5    482  482
6  30  8    519  519

I was able to get a total count of stores for column D (each store listed
counted only once) with the count & frequency functions but would like to
break this same count down by region at the bottom of the data (Ex: Total Ct.
Reg 8=2, Total Ct. Reg 3=0, etc.).
Anyone have a formula that might work?

Thank you!