12MMT - How ?

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Subject: 12MMT - How ?
Posted by:  Rob L (robertlepperta…@thisoptusnet.outcom.au)
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2007

I have a table of data

Month Hours
Jan 06    2005
Feb 06    1750
Mar 06    3520
Mar 07    2300

I have a table on a separate sheet. I want to be able to put (say) Mar 07 in
cell A1, and have the 12 month moving total (total from Mar 07 to April 06)
in cell A2. If I change A1 to Feb 07, then the 12MMT range is from Feb 07 to
Mar 06, and I want the total to change to reflect this.

Can someone help with a formula please


Rob L