Excel 2002: How to retain default formating after pasting ?

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Subject: Excel 2002: How to retain default formating after pasting ?
Posted by:  Mr. Low
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2007

Dear Sir,

Frequently, I need to copy and paste reports generated by other business
system to Excel Worksheet for further analysis.

These reports usually come in Excel Reader or Excel Formats.

I find that whenever these reports are pasted to the Excel Worksheet, it
retain it  retain its original formatting instead of following the default
formatting of my worksheet.

The formating involve are font type, font color and date format.

Usually I need to customize it back to my desire format manually.

I feel more comfortable working with MS San Serif blue font and do not
require the time clock after the date

This is time consuming and tedious when dealing with large number of big
spreadsheet daily.

May I know is there a way to set the Excel 2002 worksheet to retain my
desire formatting after pasting?

If this is not possible for Excel 2002 , may I know if this feature is
already available under Excel 2007 ?