cineam lookup if problem????

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Subject: cineam lookup if problem????
Posted by:  John McFadden (daro…
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2007

Hi All,
Hope you are all keeping well.

My problem is as follows:
Each Day has a worksheet  with tab named for that day and one extra sheet
labelled "addstrailers"

In the day sheets eg "Thursday"
there are 5 columns as follows
      Screen Start Turret Finish Film Title

on the "addstrailers" sheet
there are also 5 columns
      Screen Adds Trailers Total Film Title

what im trying to do is have a lookup/if statment in the Turret field
something like this:
in day sheet in C2 (turret) =if A2 (screen) AND E2 (Film Title) find exact
match in addstrailers sheet then make Turret field (which is in Time format)
= Start (time) from Day sheet +Total (Time) from addstrailers

I hope ive made that clear, its really been doing my head in. Thanks for any
help that can stop me reaching for some rope

Best Wishes