How to sample data without returning duplicates?

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Subject: How to sample data without returning duplicates?
Posted by:  Ralph E Brown
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007

I have installed the analysis toolpak and am using the Data Analysis -
Sampling feature.  I have two issues I am trying to resolve:

1) Most important is when I run a sample of my range, the process will
return duplicate values in the sample. For example, if I have values of 1 -
100, and I take a sample of 10 itmes, it may return the number 45 several
times.  Is there a way to prevent this, so that every value returned appears
only once in the sample?

2) The data I want to sample is alpha, not numeric.  However the Sampling
feature apparently only works with numeric input data. How can I get around
this limitation.

To sum up, I need a sampling method that works on text fields and only
selects an item once for inclusion in the sample.

Thanks to anyone who can help!