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Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2007

On Aug 7, 6:58 pm, suharto.sitom.… wrote:
> can anybody can tell me what is the difference between
> relative and absolute addressing?

The syntactic difference is:  A1 is relative, $A$1 is absolute.  There
are other variations of addressing, namely:  $A1 and A$1.

The effective difference arises when you copy and paste (or drag) a
cell.  An absolute address (or part of the address) will not change.
A relative address (or part of the address) is modified in a manner
that Excel thinks makes sense.

For example, if A1 contains =B1+C1, and you copy and paste the into
A2, A3, etc, the formula in A2 will become =B2+C2.  But if you A1
contains =B1+$C$1, then A2 will become =B2+$C$1.

Of course, whether or not that is desirable depends on the design of
your worksheet and what your intent is.




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