Pivot table--and adjacent columns

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Subject: Pivot table--and adjacent columns
Posted by:  sam
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007

I have a pivot table with 2 columns--column A has a description, and column B
has a dollar value.
Next to these columns, I'd like to have additional data available that is
not necessarily coming from the pivot table.  I'd like to have a "total
committed" column (which will be manually entered) and a "total" TOTAL
column, which will sum the pivot table dollar value and the total committed
column.  However, the problem is this--how can I keep my manually entered
data (in the "total committed" column) "moving along" with the pivot table
data it is associated with if I get new line items when I refresh the pivot
table with new data?  Do I have to put the "total committed" column in the
data that pulls the pivot table somehow?