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Subject: time calculations
Posted by:  Pammy
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007

I have a spreadsheet for vehicles towed:  there are these fields:
date-in  time    date-out  time  (the time is military time)
                                                        date-in  time
date-out    time
question:  If I have a vehicle towed, 8/1/2007  1300    8/1/2007    1400
                                                    8/1/2007  1300
8/1/2007  1410
                                                    8/1/2007 1300
8/2/2007  1410

I need a calculation that if a vehicle is towed and picked up the same day
by 1400 a flat rate is $15.00 1/2 the day rate, but if is picked up the same
day at 1405, it is charged $30.00 (this is a days storage charge)

If it gets picked up the next day before 1400 it is charged $30.00 but if is
at 1405 then it is charged $60.00.  The towing fee is $30.00 per day, and the
new day starts at 1405.