Excel as data entry form?

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Subject: Excel as data entry form?
Posted by:  Dale Fye
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007

Please excuse the crosspost, but I'm using Internet Explorer to post this and
cannot figure out how to multi-post.

I have a need to collect some information from a wide variety of sources
throughout my internationally dispersed organization.  I cannot use an
internet based questionnaire because of the sensitivity of the information
(can encrypt the Excel file), and don't want to hassle with the email
problems associated with distributing an Access database.  However, I will
ultimately need to pull this data into an Access database.

My boss does not want to actually use a "spreadsheet" view within Excel to
enter the data, he wants to have Form like look and feel as the first page of
the spreadsheet.  Anybody have any ideas for using Excel and Access in this

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