IFstatement OR VBA

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Subject: IFstatement OR VBA
Posted by:  Mike
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007

-- I have a question involving exceeding the amount of IF statements.
Cell A1 has drop down list of 100 choices, the user selects one
Cell B1 has another drop down list of 100 choices, of which the user selects
Cell C1, once a selection is made in both A1and B1, give an answer from 4
possible values in C1.
i.e  if a1 = dog and b1 = chair then c1 = yes

I know that I can only use 7 nested IF statement in a cell.
What would be the best way to display the values.
Insert criteria in cell, use a VBA macro?
If so what would the cell or VBA look like?
With a 100 possible selections in both a1 or b1, the simplest way would be
the best.

thanks to anyone who can help.