Date Formating and building character strings

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Subject: Date Formating and building character strings
Posted by:  C Brandt (cbran…
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007

I have data files with the names based on dates ordered such that they
naturally appear in order:
Acct 2007-07-23.txt, etc.
In my spreadsheet, i search for complete data and when I find that I am
missing data for a specific date, I would like to enter that date, and have
a procedure work out the filename and load the specfic file.
The yyyy-mm-dd format used to ensure that the files fall in the order of
generation is a little unusual and users don't always catch this and enter
the date incorrectly.
I would simply like to ask for the date needed, and generate the file name
behind the user interface.

I know this doesn't work:
Date needed : 7/23/2007
Filename = "Acct" & year(DN) & "-" & Month(DN) & "_" & Day(DN) & ".txt"

Any suggestions would be appreciated.