nested formulas in excel

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Subject: nested formulas in excel
Posted by:  sleeplessinseattle
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007

Have a worksheet where I am tracking payments which may be made in full or
may be made in two installments.  I have written a very simple formula which
subtracts the values in two columns (installments) from the total due column,
however, when individuals pay in two installments, they are chaged an
additional $50 fee.  For instance, the total due for the class they are
taking is $1350 which they may pay in full which results in a balance due of
0; but if they pay a $400 deposit, they actually owe $1000 but my formula
returns the correct value of $950 (mathematically correct).  Is there some
way to use a nested formula to return the value of $1000 when that condition