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Subject: Re: Display issues
Posted by:  Ragdyer (RagDy…
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007

Click in the cell on Sheet3 that will receive the data from Sheet1.
Type in an equal sign ( = ),
Navigate to Sheet1, and click in the first cell containing the data,
*IN THE FORMULA BAR*, type this at the end of what you see displayed there:
&" "&
so that it might look like this:

=Sheet1!A1&" "&

Then, click in the 2nd cell of data, and add the same characters, to look
like this:

=Sheet1!A1&" "&Sheet1!C1&" "&

Finally, click in the final cell, and hit <Enter>, and it should look like

=Sheet1!A1&" "&Sheet1!C1&" "&Sheet1!E1



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"vronron" <vronr…> wrote in message
> Ok, I've set up multiple work sheets in a work book and have referenced
> cells
> from, we'll call it worksheet 1, on worksheet three.  I have them showing
> up
> in the cell, however I am referencing three different cells from worksheet
> 1
> into one cell in worksheet three and I am not sure how to get them to
> display
> with spaces between them.  If any body has any ideas I would be most
> appreciative.


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