Copying rows from 2 sheets to a new worksheet based on date criter

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Subject: Copying rows from 2 sheets to a new worksheet based on date criter
Posted by:  Phill_Morgan
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007

Hi All,

I am trying to build a maintenance cntract tracking system. This workbook
contains all my infrastructure assets, maintenance start/end dates, contact
details, contract numbers, costs and other miscellaneous data. One of the
results I need to produce is a list of all maintenance contracts that will
expire by 30th of the next calendar month. Eg. If we are in August, I want to
return anything that will expire before 30th September in the current year.

I have the asset name in column A of sheet1 and sheet2. I need to extract
only the rows based on the date in column U in sheet2 and merge colums A and
U from sheet 1 with columns O, S, U and V from sheet2 and place the results
in Sheet3.

Sheet3 has headings and other content, so the placement needs to start at
row 10. As the result list length could be variable, and my total length of
the table in sheets 1 & 2 is 280 rows I woulkd want to ensure that rows after
the end of the extract in sheet3 are blanked out.

Is this possible in Excel 2003 natively? or will it require scripting? If
so, could you please suggest appropriate code.

Many thanks,
Phillip Morgan