Drop down menu along with price

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Subject: Drop down menu along with price
Posted by:  Cynthia
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007

I have names in column A  and in columnB I have rates in spreadsheet 1.

I have to make another spreadsheet (spreadsheet 2)  where column A says the
name like Column A and column B in  that says the rate like spreadsheet 1.

I would to have a drop down menu where I dont have to type in the name in
column A and just select their name from a drop down menu and their rates
automallically pop up in column B.

For example:
Column A                  ColumnB

Jane                            $45.00
Doe                              $32.00
John                            $12.00
Smith                          $45.00
Mark                            $90.00

I dont want to type this manually column A i want to choose from a drop down
and have all of column B's rates pop up correctly in spreadsheet 2.