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Subject: Re: Default Application
Posted by:  Dave Peterson (peters…
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007

I'd try reregistering xl2007:

Close excel (all versions)
windows start button|Run
type your path to excel2007:
"C:\whatevergoeshere\excel.exe" /unregserver
and hit enter
"C:\whatevergoeshere\excel.exe" /regserver
and hit enter.

The last version installed or registered should be the default program.

Secret Squirrel wrote:
> I'm running both 2003 & 2007 versions of excel. How can I make 2007 the
> default application? I could have sworn it already was at one time but now
> when I click on a file it opens in 2003. I tried changing the file type in
> the folder options menu but that didn't work. Any ideas? I also tried
> unregistering 2003 but that didn't work either.


Dave Peterson


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