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Subject: Find earliest date combined with status
Posted by:  Ixtreme (mabran…
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007

In column A I have several actions listed. In column B, I have for
some of those actions some due dates while in column C I have a status
Something like this:

ColumnA  ColumnB    ColumnC
Action A  14-08-2007  done
Action B  26-08-2007  Pending
Action K
Action Z    29-08-2007  Awaiting

the data is not sorted.

What I would like is to find the earliest date in column B where
status is not equal to a predefined range of items)
The result should be the action to be done, it's status and the number
of days plus or minus compared to today's date.

Rng = "Open", "Pending", "Awaiting"

Result: Action B, Pending, 2 days