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Subject: Re: vba programming
Posted by:  David Biddulph (groups [at]
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007

You can start your VBA programming by recording a macro.
Tools/ Macro/ Record new macro.
Then type in your formula to the cell.
Then Tools/ Macro/ Stop recording.

Have you looked at ?

David Biddulph

"biker man" <white…> wrote in message
> im writing a VBA programme where x = 2 in cell A3 and cell B3 = 5
> and in cell C3
> =IF(B3<=0,"B3 must be integer greater than zero",(A3^B3)/FACT(B3))
> can anyone help me  write a VBA programmeto ensure that x from cell a3
> and n from cell b3 return in cell c3 the value of x raised tot he n
> divided by n factorial
> where x is 2 and n is 5
> many thanks as im struggling on how to do this



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