VLookup based on two criteria

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Subject: VLookup based on two criteria
Posted by:  the_cagey_o…@excite.com
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007

I've read through many posts on this topic but I've not been able to
find a solution to my problem.

On one tab I have six columns of information (table_array.)  Column
"A" contains a machine name, Column "B" contains a fault name and
column "F" contains a time value (decimal minutes.)  For each machine
there may be any number of faults associated to it.  I am trying to
return the time value for a specific machine's fault name to a
corresponding cell on another tab in the same worksheet.

The lookup_value will come from another reference in the document; I
can work through that but cannot resolve the two criteria requirement
(machine and fault name) to pull in the time value.

Any response is appreciated.