Repeat formula on second sheet?

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Subject: Repeat formula on second sheet?
Posted by:  smduel…
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007

All -

I am using the following formula:

=OFFSET('Sheet 1'!A2,MATCH(C8,'Sheet 1'!A3:A229,0),MATCH(E4,'Sheet 1'!

to lookup data in a table.  The problem is that my table is on to
worksheets due to the number of vertical columns.  I can't do a range
across 2 sheets due to the nature of the Match formula.  If it doesn't
find the item on the sheet, it returns #n/a.  I was trying to use
=IF(ISERROR formula to tell it that if an #n/a comes back to go to the
next sheet (by repeating the above match code and just changing the
sheet reference), however, I haven't been succesful.  Anyone have any
ideas on how I could do this?