To share, or to merge, that is the question.

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Subject: To share, or to merge, that is the question.
Posted by:  Jase4now
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007

I want to create a document that multiple people can update at the same time,
and allow each user to save their changes (even if it happens to be in the
same cell).  But, I don't want the other users to be concerned with their
co-workers changes, just their own.  I want my document to collect all their
changes and be able to accept everybody's changes as well as my own as
needed.  I want my copy to be the sole copy responsible for collecting and
saving the approved changes.  I want the users' copy to update based off of
my copy when they open theirs.  I tried sharing a workbook, but I kept
getting "do you want to save other peoples changes or your own?"  What's the
point in sharing a workbook if I can't keep both?

    Is what I need possible in Ecel 2003?