Formula to extract data from other worksheet

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Subject: Formula to extract data from other worksheet
Posted by:  TD
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007

My problem is this. The following formula:

=(('Budget MRS 2007'!$H6*'Budget MRS 2007'!$H7)+('Budget MRS
2007'!$I6*'Budget MRS 2007'!$I7)+('Budget MRS 2007'!$J6*'Budget MRS
2007'!$J7)+('Budget MRS 2007'!$K6*'Budget MRS 2007'!$K7)+('Budget MRS
2007'!$L6*'Budget MRS 2007'!$L7)+('Budget MRS 2007'!$M6*'Budget MRS

Is extracting data from one sheet "Budget MRS 2007" and returning a result.
But I need to use this formula to calculate a lot of data. The above formula
e.g. use cell H6-M6 and H7-M7 but I need results for H11-M11 and H12-M12 and
so forth it increases with 5 cells everytime.

Is there a smart way that I can make a formula or something, so that I don't
have to manually change the cellnumbers that excel needs to extract data
from, but make excel realize that it need to take 5 cell steps every time.

Hope this makes any sence or else dont hesitate to write back for further