Excel: Concatenate Daily Recording

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Subject: Excel: Concatenate Daily Recording
Posted by:  Jeff (jcro…@phxnet.com)
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007

Our point of sales software (POS) has the ability to import
information into Excel and we wish to pull data from this workbook
(#1) (which is a dynamic document we write over the type of everyday
for the previous day's sales) into a seperate tracking sheet type
Excel workbook (#2).

We wish to do this on a daily basis and are experiencing challenges in
writing a formula that will not write over the top of the imported
data from the day before.  In other words, if we imported Sept. 1st
sales into our #2 Excel workbook from the POS system's #1 Excel
workbook & then the next day we wish to repeat the process for Sept.
2nd sales... How do we not write over the previous day's data?

We want to know how we write formulas that will start over on the next
line after the previous day's recording (which was based off of the
same dynamic source, the #1 workbook which is the exported from the
POS system).

Thanks so much!