Conditional Formatting: 2003 to 2010

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Subject: Conditional Formatting: 2003 to 2010
Posted by:  Clif McIrvin (clare.noma…
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2010

I have a worksheet with conditional formatting that started life as
xl2003 .xls.  Some while back I converted it to .xlsb (2010) format.
Today, I attempted to revise one of the conditional formatting rules and
I cannot find it!?  The rule is being processed (the cell background is
getting changed per the rule) but when I go to "Manage Rules..." with
the range (either a range or a single cell) selected all I find is *one*
of the (two or three - I don't really remember) conditions.

Any suggestions?

Clif McIrvin

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