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Subject: Sum Dynamic Range
Posted by:  LP (u2088…
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2010


I know there are several posting regarding this topic already but they
don't seem to address what i trying to do. Can someone help.

In column A, I have a list of tasks. These tasks are being pull from a
DB so they can shrink or grow. These tasks are arranged so that all
the ones related to the same project are displayed in order (a1, a2,
a3, etc etc).  After the last task, there is a total for that project.

In column B, I have the associated cost for each of those tasks.

My problem is, without using VB, how can i write a formula to
dynamically sum up the dollar for each project? For instance, let's
say B2:B9 are tasks and B10 is where the total is.  I need B10 to
dynamically add up all costs B2:B9.  Again, keep in mind that the next
project could be only 2 tasks and so the next total row (B13), will be
suming B11:B12.

Any help is greatly appreciated.