Export Macro to new Workbook based on Email Address

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Subject: Export Macro to new Workbook based on Email Address
Posted by:  jhardie…@gmail.com
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013

First off, completely brand new to all of this.  I have been given the task=
at work to break down a csv file that is a dump of multiple users address =
books, and sorts them out according to the email addresses.  What I'm looki=
ng to do is create a macro that would be able to distinguish a change in em=
ail address, and make a new file when it notices the change.  Example:

A                              B
us…@domain.com              Data
us…@domain.com              Data
us…@domain.net              Data
us…@domain.edu              Data

Ideally, I would like to create a file with the us…@domain.com rows only i=
n one file, followed by us…@domain.net in another file, using the same mac=
ro if possible.  Not sure if this is even something that can be done, but I=
figured I'd take the shot considering the Excel file I have has over 300 a=
ddress books and 6000 columns.  Thanks in advance for any advice or suggest=