Combining VLOOKUP and IF formulas

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Subject: Combining VLOOKUP and IF formulas
Posted by:  rtour957 (rtour957.fdb67…
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2015

I have services in one column and rates in another.
I have a VLOOKUP formula =IF(A1>0,VLOOKUP(A1,brates,2,)," ") that works
just fine and whenever a service in A1 is chosen the rate is entered
based on ‘brates’ table.
One of the services however is training (code CT) and the third column
is for the number of training hours so rate depends on ## of training
I came up with the another IF formula =IF(A1="CT",N1*10,) that
calculates total rate based on number of training hours times the base
rate only when A1=CT . Both formulas work fine separately but I have
difficult time combining it in one nested IF formula so bot IF
conditions are taken into consideration. No matter what the correct rate
is not calculated. What am I doing wrong?