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Subject: Calendar manipulation
Posted by:  Walter Briscoe (
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2015

I have a calendar on an Excel 2003 sheet.

1) Column "A" is invisible for historical or hysterical reasons I can't
remember. The sheet is not frozen. Selecting column "B" and the list of
row numbers and doing Format/Columns/Unhide does nothing. In the
Immediate pane of the Code window, commands such as
columns(1).hidden=false also do nothing. This is unimportant, but I
report it.

2) Each month has 2 columns, the first is headed by a month name
followed by day numbers, the second is free format to hold data.
Currently columns("C:GJ") are hidden. I think I need a macro to unhide 2
columns next to the unhidden columns. e.g.
columns("GI:GJ").hidden=false. I am looking for an economical way to
encode this. My current thinking is a loop to search for a hidden =
false cell and make 2 previous cells hidden=true.

3) I also show this file on my Android mobile phone or cellphone.
cells("GK",1) is =DATE(2015,8,1) with format = "mmm"). On the phone,
this appears as 2103 and sometime later is converted to "Aug". The app
is "Sheets". Can anyone suggest a more efficient way to generate "Aug".

Walter Briscoe