Conditional Formatting Question

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Subject: Conditional Formatting Question
Posted by:  unix-freak (mandrakemani…
Date: Sat, 1 May 2004

Hi all,

I have a spreadsheet with multiple worksheets. Each worksheet is for an
account. For my credit card account worksheets, I would like to do some
conditional formatting that would highlight a range of cells indicating that
those charges are out of "grace period" with a certain color, for example.
Is this possible? It seems that I  would have to start it at a 0.00 balance
/ date. 30 days later if any charges had not been paid, it would highlight.
I manually enter all charges/payments in it with the actual posting date.

It would also be cool if a had a bar graph that is a calculation of how much
at the current date is having interest applied to it, which would be nothing
more than just adding the range of cells that were conditionally