Excel ask duplicate NAMES when duplicate a worksheets

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Subject: Excel ask duplicate NAMES when duplicate a worksheets
Posted by:  Kenneth Lam (NOSPAM-kennethli…@yahoo.com.hk)
Date: Mon, 03 May 2004

I have added a NAME called "Above" where point to the cell just above
the current cell. The formula is "=INDIRECT("R[-1]C",)"

In some workbook, when I duplicate a worksheets, this name will remain
silent and work ok. But in some workbooks, when I first duplicate a
worksheets, the same name ABOVE will be duplicate and a new local name
(belongs to that new worksheet) will be created. If I further
duplicate that new worksheets in to a new worksheets, the third
worksheets will be warned that a dupicate NAME is existed and ask
whether refer to another name or use a new NAME.

Anything I have done wrong? Why the same NAME with the same formula
work in different way in different workbook.


(p.s. As I am using a Chinese version of Win and office, the wordings
I have used in the message may not match the wording in English
version. Hope that you understand what I mean.)
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