Extended COUNT logic

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Subject: Extended COUNT logic
Posted by:  Mr. Smith (nospam@blindfolded.gone)
Date: Mon, 3 May 2004


Users are able to enter a txt code (i.e Gov, Org, Priv) in a range B10:AB10.
In cell A10 I'm counting the codes using =COUNTA(B10:AB10). But now I want
to allow my users to enter more than one code in each cell. The COUNTA
formula will however not count more than one instance in one cell.

How can I get Excel to return COUNT = 3 if cell B10 containts 'Gov.' and
cell C10 conatins 'Gov. / Org.' Using / as an fixed separator between values
within a cell?

Psaudo something like this...

Problem is that the COUNTIF statement only return true if the cell value is
'/' and not if it's Gov./Org.

Mr. Smith