Do I need Visual Basic for this?

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Subject: Do I need Visual Basic for this?
Posted by:  unix-freak (mandrakemani…
Date: Mon, 3 May 2004

I want to track my credit card charges that are out of grace period. April
28 was my first charge after a 0.00 balance.
If someone can point me in the right direction to do this, I would
appreciate it.

This is basically what I'm trying to do:

if (today -30) minus (April 28) < 0
    then exit
if (today -30) - (April 28) > 0
    then get all rows from (April 28) to (today)
    filter all code "J" transactions  (these are my wife
has her own code)
    add all payments
    filter all code "J" charges from (April 28) to (today -30)
    add all charges
    subtract all charges from payments
    export this value to bar chart on another page