Re: Help with links in one worksheet please

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Subject: Re: Help with links in one worksheet please
Posted by:  Gord Dibben (gorddibbATshawDOTca)
Date: Mon, 03 May 2004


To start with, I think you may be better off having all weeks on one worksheet
then you can use Data>SubTotal or Autofilter or Pivot Table to look at weekly

But, if you want to use 52 sheets.....

Make sure the weekly total is in the same cell on each sheet.  Say G25.

On totals sheets  enter  =SUM(Week1:Week52!G25)

If sheets are not named Week1 through Week2, you can insert a dummy sheet to
the right of Totals sheet.  Name it Start.

Add another dummy sheet after last sheet.  Name it End.

Formula in Totals  =Sum(Start:End!G25)

Second method allows you to insert new sheets between Start and End sheets as
your weeks progress.

Gord Dibben Excel MVP

On Mon, 3 May 2004 18:43:48 +0100, "Derek Peters"
<derek.peteā€¦> wrote:

>Hi I have made up a worksheet that will work out all my takings & expenses
>for the week.
>I have then made a totals sheet which I would like to add up all the Weekly
>totals for the year.
>I have done all the links from the Weekly sheet to the totals sheet and they
>all work fine.
>As I will have 52 weeks how do I copy the links I have made for week one
>(with the relevant changes for that weekly sheet) in the totals sheet?
>I hope you can understand this
>Any web sites that may help?
>Thanks for looking



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Help with links in one worksheet please posted by Derek Peters on Mon, 3 May 2004