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Subject: Count Question
Posted by:  John (te…
Date: Mon, 03 May 2004

I have a spreadsheet with over 6,000 rows of data.  Column A lists a
category of which there are 8 possibilities.  I know how to use =countif
to determine how many times a certain category appears.  However, beside
column A is a column with dates.  These dates indicate when a certain
entry was closed.  If there is no date in column B then the entry, or
case, is still considered open.  I need to have a count of each category
for the cases that are still open.  I assume a nested formula is the
key, but I'm not clear on what that would be.  Any help would be much


            Column A    Column B
Row 1          AAA      7/25/04
Row 2          BBB
Row 3          BBB        8/1/04
Row 4          AAA      9/1/04

In the example above, I need a formula that would tell me how many times
BBB appears without a date beside it.

Thanks so much,