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Subject: Search advice appreciated
Posted by:  Paul Beaty (Paul.bea…
Date: Tue, 4 May 2004

I'd be most grateful for somec advice on Excel 2003 & a search facility.  I
have an excel file with some 40,000 rows of phrases in column A - 1- 40,000.
When searching phrases with a keyword and using 'find' I can click through
phrase after phrase okay, locating those phrases with the keyword in them.
The question is - Is there a facility within Excel that allows me to search
for phrases with multiple keywords within them, and not just single
keywords.  By multiple keywords I mean keywords that do not run
consecutively i.e. searching for a phrase with 'good & day' within them
which is as such - 'It has been a good long day.'

Many thanks for any advice

Paul Beaty