Sorting Grouped Dates in Pivot Table

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Subject: Sorting Grouped Dates in Pivot Table
Posted by:  Gio Bacareza (gbacare…
Date: Wed, 5 May 2004

Having problems sorting grouped dates in a pivot table report. I have a
column filled with dates. I run pivot table and sort the dates in ascending
order. Everything's fine. Then I group the dates by 7 days (since there's no
automatic weekly grouping.) The resulting pivot table have a weird sorting:

3/29/2004 - 4/4/2004
4/12/2004 - 4/18/2004
4/19/2004 - 4/25/2004
4/26/2004 - 5/2/2004
4/5/2004 - 4/11/2004
5/3/2004 - 5/9/2004

I have made sure that all the other visible fields (page and column) have no
sorting order.

Why is this happening?