Automatic Reminder?

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Subject: Automatic Reminder?
Posted by:  Mike (mi…
Date: Wed, 05 May 2004

I have a spreadsheet containing data regarding trouble tickets.  One of
the columns has a date field representing when the trouble ticket was
referred to another organization.  The process we have is to follow-up
with that organization if they haven't resolved the trouble within 10
days.  Can Excel be made to "remind" me to follow up on cases that are
still unresolved after 10 days (based on that referral date)?  The
spreadsheet I have is rather large and it's a pain to puruse the entire
thing looking for cases that have not been resolved after the 10-day
referral period.  Note that there is a column indicating when a ticket
is closed.  I was hoping this process could be automated via a formula
or some method within Excel.

Thanks so much!