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Subject: Re: Automatic Reminder?
Posted by:  Anders S (anders_silvenbla…
Date: Wed, 5 May 2004


One way may be to use Format>Conditional Formatting on the referral date cells
with a formula like
assuming a date in A1, then format Bold & Red for example.

Anders Silven

"Mike" <mi…> skrev i meddelandet news:40994169.14E2E6…
> I have a spreadsheet containing data regarding trouble tickets.  One of
> the columns has a date field representing when the trouble ticket was
> referred to another organization.  The process we have is to follow-up
> with that organization if they haven't resolved the trouble within 10
> days.  Can Excel be made to "remind" me to follow up on cases that are
> still unresolved after 10 days (based on that referral date)?  The
> spreadsheet I have is rather large and it's a pain to puruse the entire
> thing looking for cases that have not been resolved after the 10-day
> referral period.  Note that there is a column indicating when a ticket
> is closed.  I was hoping this process could be automated via a formula
> or some method within Excel.
> Thanks so much!
> Mike


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