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Subject: macro question :)
Posted by:  SS (
Date: Thu, 6 May 2004

hello, folks =) i have a question about macros.

i will explain what i'm trying/hoping to be able to do.

i want to write a macro that will search for a particular value in a cell.
when it finds that cell, i want to be able to copy a cell range with that
cell as the upper left and 10 columns and 6 rows below that cell. for
example, if i find the value in cell A6, i want to be able to select and
copy the range A6:J11. then, that will be pasted into a different worksheet
within that file. the last step would be to copy the cell that was found in
that search, and paste that elsewhere.

the problem i have is that i can easily record/write a macro to find and
select cells, but within the macro it always selects a specific cell range
instead of one relative to the search. for example, if i record a macro and
i find the value in cell A6, and i then select a certain cell range, it
always selects the range A6:J11 (the problem lies in the fact that when i
run the macro on a certain file, it may find a value in a cell other than
A6, but it will always copy the range A6:J11).

is there a way to record a macro such that i can find a value in a cell and
copy it relative to the search?

thanks, all!
scott :)