How to total cells in a range with data input

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Subject: How to total cells in a range with data input
Posted by:  SylviBeOS (sdrso…
Date: Sat, 8 May 2004

Greetings to all members

I am running Excel 97.

An office colleague presented me with an issue that might be of interest to
any Excel whiz and seasoned programmers.  I would certainly appreciate any
pointers in solving it.  So here goes.

The set of values includes 33 cells ranging from B4:D14.  The data type is
numeric.  Data is only input in a few cells.


What would be the function to enter in, say, cell A15 to indicate the total
number of cells in range B4:D14 that have received data input?  Or does it
involve some behind the scene VBA programming?


B6 = 9  C9 = 4  D11 = 0
Consequently, cell A15 should total 3, as only 3 cells have received data
input.  I hope I am making myself clear.  If not, please state so.

Thanks a million for any assistance.

Sylvie in Montreal