How to eliminate % totals in a Pivot Table

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Subject: How to eliminate % totals in a Pivot Table
Posted by:  Doria/Warris (doriaw…
Date: Sat, 8 May 2004

In my Pivot Table, I have a field in the Column part which contains
different items (from a DB).
I try to simplify with an example: 3 months containing volume data measured
in Tons (3 columns), then different additional columns measuring the Actual
Vs budget in %
All the % are calculated automatically into the source DB, so no calculation
is made in the pivot.
The issue is that in the Subtotals and Totals I get the sum for the volumes
of every month, which is fine, but I also get the sum of the % Vs budget,
which of course is not a good thing. So, I end up to have:

Jan    Feb    March    Actual Vs Budget
10        5            15            98%
10        20          30          90 %
----------------------------    -----------------------------
20        25        45            188%

To my knowledge, I can only format the Sub or Totals per FIELD and not per
single item.
How can I eliminate or hide the % summing up (188 in my example?)

I was thinking to conditional formatting, but I cannot say when Cell X is
showing "Hide it", because the cells where the totals appear change every

If you think the only solution I  have is to let the pivot table calculate
the Actual Vs Budget, resulting in adding another FIELD, please, let me know
where I should look at to enter the formula.

Thanks for any help