Help with linefeeds.

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Subject: Help with linefeeds.
Posted by:  Wade G. Pemberton (w_pembert…
Date: Sun, 09 May 2004

I've used javascript to format a lot of repetitive data on an web page
input FORM into one long string for submission to the server.
The format is multiple lines of comma delimited data.    When viewed
with any text reader, the text looks fine, and MS Excel will import the
data into the correct columns, but leaves a blank row between every
filled row, despite the fact that the text file has no blank rows.

The problem appears to be the linefeed that splits the string into
seperate lines in the text file.  I've used the javascript special
character "
" to do the linkbreak, but have also tried "\r" and even
the window's unique line break, "\r
".  No avail.  The browsers have
no trouble with any of the linebreaks, the Unix server dutifully makes a
nice, tight  easily readible text file no matter which is used, and
Excel fails to import any of them without the blank rows problem.
Additonally, when in the double row funk, Excel refuses to import any
subsequent text files.  (the Import Text File is grayed out on the

This must be a common problem.  I expect Excel can surely handle
linefeeds in text files and I've just not found the right checkbox.  My
handiness on Excel is limited to mathematical manipulation of
columns/rows, not macros to eliminate linefeeds.

Help please.