SUM computed currency

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Subject: SUM computed currency
Posted by:  Steven Shouse (sshous…
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004

I am getting incorrect sums on a worksheet I am using. What is happening is
that I am entering a formula; e.g., .14*7205.73 in a cell that is formatted
for currency. Each month, I add another cell with a similar formula. The
problem occurs when I SUM the computed cells. Rather than SUM the currency
value in the cell, Excel is adding the underlying 4-decimal place value
computed by the original formula. To be more exact:

Excel computes:

866.3604 + 1010.7468 + 649.7658 = $2526.87

Instead of adding the computed currency values of:

866.36 + 1010.75 + 649.77 = 2526.88

Is there a way to force Excel to compute using the currency values instead
of the underlying computed values?