DSUM Problems

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Subject: DSUM Problems
Posted by:  www.ttdown.com (kcm…@cjnetworks.com)
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004

I have a spreadhseet with the following data:

A1 = Procedure Code (which is a column name)
B1 = Minutes (column name)
A2 = H2017
A3 = H2017TJ
A4 = H2017
A5 = T1023
B2 = 15
B3 = 30
B4 = 60
B5 = 60

D1 = Minutes
D2 = H2017
D3 = the formula =DSUM(A1:B100, "Minutes", D1:D2)

E1 = Minutes
E2 = H2017TJ
E3 = the formula =DSUM(A1:B100, "Minutes", E1:E2)

F1 = Minutes
F2 = T1023
F3 = the formula =DSUM(A1:B100, "Minutes", F1:F2)

The range A1:B5 contains data that make up a database of procedures
codes (Column A) and the amounts of time that staff spend doing each
code (Column B).  D1:F3 contain my criteria table and formulas to
total the amount of time spent in each code.

The formula =DSUM(A1:B100, "Minutes", D1:D2) etc. works well when the
Procedure Codes are disimiliar (H2017 compared to T1023) but they
total all minutes in each code when the codes are similiar (H2017
compared to H2017TJ).

Does anyone know of a way to work around this problem without changing
the names of the codes?  Excel doesn't seem to be able to distinguish
between H2017 and H2017TH when using DSUM.